Hospital Association

Kayla Mudge 
Communications Coordinator
ext. 308

Lisa Tomasso
Director, External Affairs
ext. 303


Lisa Garcia
Quality Assurance Coordinator & Cancer Registrar
ext. 514

Kristin Brennan 
Government Relations Assistant
ext. 310

Connie A. Allen
Administrative Assistant
ext. 409

Kelly Archer
Screening and Diagnostic Follow-up Data Project Coordinator
ext. 515


Teresa Paiva Weed
ext. 306

Ashlie Alarcon 
HIIN Patient Safety Coordinator
ext. 312

Jean Marie Rocha
Vice President, Clinical Affairs
ext. 304

of Rhode Island

Stephanie Rego
Systems Administrator
ext. 512

Nicole Witherell 
Data Quality Coordinator & Cancer Registrar
ext. 513

Liz Almanzor
Director of Finance
ext. 307


 Mission Statement
“To be a proactive advocate for the hospitals in Rhode Island that is capable of working for and with the hospitals to positively influence public opinion, legislative outcomes and regulatory policy. The purpose of such advocacy is to facilitate the hospitals’ mission of providing quality health care to the people in and near Rhode Island.”

Dawn M. Lewis, RN, EMT, MBA, PhD
Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
ext. 412

ri cancer registry

Jennifer Gervais
Director, Member & Creative Services
ext. 305

Nancy Lebrun

Director, Cancer Information Systems
ext. 516