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Technology has impacted every industry in our society, especially health care. From the emergency department to board conference rooms, telehealth is changing the way health care is provided. Through expanding patient access to routine and specialty care while simultaneously improving patient satisfaction and outcomes, telehealth services have created innovative ways to deliver high-quality care. 

Telemedicine has become an important tool as hospitals and physicians work to improve the health of our community.  As the health care delivery system evolves, hospitals are working within a system of providers to provide coordinated, efficient care that helps patients to manage chronic disease and improve overall health. 


In 2016, Gov. Gina Raimondo signed The Telemedicine Coverage Act into law. The law, which will take effect on January 1, 2018, requires health insurance policies to reimburse telemedicine services. HARI and its members  applaud Governor Raimondo and the General Assembly for passage of this important measure. 

Telemedicine definition:
The delivery of clinical health care services through real-time two-way electronic audiovisual communications to facilitate the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and care management of a patient's health care while such patient is at an originating site and the health care provider is at a distant site, consistent with applicable federal laws and regulations. 

Telemedicine includes:
Secure video conferencing
Live, two-way interaction between a person and a provider using audiovisual telecommunications technology.
Store- and forward technology
Transfer of data from one site to another through the use of a camera or similar device that records (stores) an image that is sent (forwarded) via telecommunication to another site for consultation.

Telemedicine does not include:
Audio only telephone conversation
Email messaging
Facsimile transmission
Automated computer program used to diagnose and/or treat ocular or refractive conditions

 Click HERE to view HARI’s whitepaper on telehealth/telemedicine.