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R.I. Nursing Schools Sounding Alarm on Faculty Shortage
Faced with a crippling staffing crisis at local hospitals, professors at Rhode Island’s public colleges say it’s time to solve a long-standing problem with the pipeline of health care professionals: a shortage of nursing faculty, which keeps scores of prospective students on waiting lists. “Having an adequate workforce is difficult to do when there is a limited pool of nursing faculty to prepare them,” said Barbara E. Wolfe, dean and professor at the University of Rhode Island College of Nursing. “We need to attract nurses to the faculty role to truly address the current shortage. I wish it was simply a matter of adding positions. Unfortunately, it is a bit more complex.”
Source: Providence Business News

Covid Patients May Have Increased Risk of Developing Mental Health Problems
Social isolation, economic stress, loss of loved ones and other struggles during the pandemic have contributed to rising mental health issues like anxiety and depression.But can having Covid itself increase the risk of developing mental health problems? A large new study suggests it can. The study, published Wednesday in the journal The BMJ, analyzed records of nearly 154,000 Covid patients in the Veterans Health Administration system and compared their experience in the year after they recovered from their initial infection with that of a similar group of people who did not contract the virus.
Source: The New York Times

Digital Signage – Essential in Today’s Healthcare
Learn how digital signage is being used to significantly improve the experience and the engagement of patients, visitors and employees. Discussions include how Digital Signage is providing healthcare centers with cost effective and efficient communication platform for them to inform, guide, educate, promote, alert and entertain everyone anywhere. They will cover a variety of Digital Signage concepts being use in lobbies, cafeterias, emergency rooms, others. It will also include Digital Signage use cases within the employee workspaces like nursing stations, breakrooms and auditoriums. Finally, they will share best practice, recommended technologies, and services to ensure a successful Digital Signage program.
Virtual Webinar
Wednesday, March 2, 2022
12-12:30PM EST
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