A new comprehensive study by Manatt examining the financial structure of hospitals in Rhode Island revealed significant disparities in reimbursement rates. Specifically, it found that the average inpatient reimbursement from private insurers is 20% greater in Massachusetts and Connecticut compared to Rhode Island, while outpatient reimbursement in Connecticut is 40% higher than in Rhode Island. Adding to these challenges, Rhode Island's acute care hospitals contend with a higher proportion of Medicare and Medicaid payments, totaling 74.2% of discharges, which are known for not adequately covering care costs.

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"I think what you’re seeing here is some evidence that efforts to keep costs down, and there have been some efforts on that in Rhode Island ...The tension, of course, are what the implications are for the rest of the health care delivery system, particularly hospitals."

- Zach Nieder, a senior strategic initiative officer at the Rhode Island Foundation